Why Warren Buffett’s investment tax credit will make you rich

It’s been about a year since the tax credit was last extended and Buffett’s decision to use the credit as a springboard to pay for his investments has created some controversy.

He announced plans to use it to help him reduce his taxable income, and he’s now using the credit to help himself.

But now that the tax code has been changed, and some of his holdings have been hit by the new rules, he says he can no longer use the tax deduction to make his investments.

Buffett has used the credit before, and in 2013 he used it to pay down his $100 million investment portfolio.

He sold it to a hedge fund for $10 million and later returned it to its original value.

As a result, his investment portfolio has gone down in value by a total of $1.4 billion.

That includes about $200 million in the value of his cash holdings and $300 million in his retirement accounts.

The tax credit for his 2013 portfolio has also been reduced by about $1 billion.

Buffett says he wants to be able to make decisions about investing without worrying about what his tax bill might be, and has made some decisions that have helped him pay down the capital.

His investments have grown in value over the past year.

I used the tax advantage to pay off my debts, but I’m now using it to save more money and invest in more of my investments, Buffett said on CNBC in February.

Buffett is the richest man in the world, and the tax-credit scheme is supposed to be his tax break.

The tax break isn’t the only benefit that he’s receiving.

Buffett is also receiving a tax break for his personal investments, which are not subject to the tax.

The money in his personal accounts is taxed as ordinary income, which allows him to pay lower taxes on his investments, including the tax credits.

Buffet said in February that he planned to sell all his investments to pay his debts.

He has not done so yet, but Buffett said he planned on taking advantage of the new tax rules to pay back more of his investment assets.

It’s a strategy that will likely make him rich, Buffett told CNBC’s Stephen Dubner last year.

He is hoping to sell some of the funds that he owns to pay the bills, and is planning to use part of his investments for a rainy day fund, which will pay off the debts that he accumulated in the past.

Buffette’s plan has caused a bit of controversy.

In his remarks to CNBC, Warren Buffett said that he will make a decision about his investments this summer, and that his decisions will be based on his family’s financial situation.

He said that when he makes his decision about investing, he wants his children to have some say in the decision.

For now, he is allowed to invest his own money, but he says that his children will not have the same access to his investments as his wife.

What are the implications for you?

The new tax changes will likely have a ripple effect throughout the stock market, said Jason Giambastiani, an associate professor of finance at the University of Southern California.

It could affect some investors who are already paying their taxes, he said.

Some of these investments will likely be the ones that Buffett and others will need to sell to pay their debts.

Buffett’s wife is also likely to be impacted by the changes, because she is also eligible for the tax breaks.

One of the biggest problems that we have with the tax system is the ability to reduce taxable income without having to use some of these deductions, said Robert Lohse, an investment strategist at Morningstar.

The new rules will mean that there is less of a tax credit available to wealthy individuals, and will increase the amount of money that investors have to pay in taxes, Lohste said.

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