Why investors should be paying more attention to GPM investments

Investors are paying more and more attention as to how their money is being spent on their investments, but how they are making those investments is often a mystery.

That’s because many investors are unaware of the difference between investment returns and the returns they should expect from investing.

Investing platforms and data providers have developed tools to help explain that distinction.

That could be a good thing.

For example, a GPM calculator can help investors better understand the returns and risks that come with investing, as well as what types of investments are most suitable for them.

A good tool also helps to reduce confusion.

That said, GPMs aren’t the only way to calculate investing returns.

Investors can also calculate their expected return based on other investment methods, such as indexing or ETFs.

For more information on how to calculate your GPM, check out our article: Why investing with a GPG should be easier than with an index fund.

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