What you need to know about the dummies on the Guggenhagen investment portfolio

The Gugenheim Investments website has revealed some interesting stats on its latest portfolio of investments.

While most of them have long-term growth potential, they are also mostly aimed at short-term investors who need to diversify their portfolios and can’t afford to put money into more than a handful of companies.

The Gugs have a range of different investment opportunities, ranging from dividend-paying stocks and funds to dividend-earning bonds.

The company has invested in more than 50 companies and in total, it’s managed to manage $5.6 billion.

The average investment amount per year is $3,200, with a median of $3.8 million.

The total returns over the last 10 years are a whopping 30.5 per cent, compared to the overall returns of 8.6 per cent.

This compares to the 10.4 per cent return average for all companies on the index.

But investors who want to diversified portfolios can choose between several different types of investments, from dividend stocks to equity investments.

The index has a wide range of fund types.

These include dividend-only funds, which pay out dividends when stocks grow, and bond-only investments, which only pay out when bonds matures.

The S&P 500 Index is the most popular fund type, but you’ll find a few others as well.

The biggest difference between dividend-oriented funds and bond funds is the amount they are paid out.

If you’re looking to invest in stocks, you should be aware that bond funds have historically been more volatile than dividend-based funds.

So, it can be worth checking whether the bond fund you’re considering has a dividend yield or not.

If the dividend yield is high, the dividend-focused fund is likely to be the right choice.

You can also find dividend-weighted index funds, with dividends reinvested into stocks.

While it may not sound like much, investing in bond funds can provide a more diversified portfolio.

The most popular dividend-heavy fund type is the S&amps S&P 500 index fund, which is the index fund with the highest average dividend yield of 11.2 per cent over the past 10 years.

This index fund has managed to outperform the S &Ps other major index fund.

The other major dividend-friendly fund type you should consider is the US Treasury Bond Index fund, with average yields of 6.2.

These fund types offer investors the best risk/reward ratio of all the dividend oriented funds.

Investors can also use the ETFs Dividend Income Index, Dividends in Bond, and Dividenda to get a broad range of diversified assets.

The last of these funds, the Dividenomics Dividensives ETF, has managed an average dividend return of 12.7 per cent since 2014.

The Divideniks ETF also provides investors with the chance to diversifies their portfolios with a variety of ETFs.

There are a lot of diversification options available, and the Gugs has put them all together to make the most of each.

Key points:The Gugens fund managers have managed $5,6 billion in investments since 2012.

The average return on investment has been 30.7 percent.

It’s important to note that the average return is based on a portfolio of companies that are still trading and not yet profitable.

Dividend-only index funds are the best choice for short-to-medium-term investing.

Bond-oriented ETFs are better for long-to

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