What are the best investments for your portfolio?

The Vanguard investment management company is offering a new tool to help you make smart investments for you and your family.

According to the firm, the new Investment Growth Calculator allows investors to track their portfolio’s performance over time.

Its been in use for about a year, and now its been expanded to cover all three of the major U.S. stock indexes.

It allows investors who want to track performance over multiple years to do so by setting a target date each year, the firm said.

If the target date falls within the target range, investors can set a higher or lower target, and the calculator will then determine how to allocate funds to achieve the target.

For instance, if the target for an individual is to earn $10,000 a year over the next year, then the calculator could determine that the funds should be allocated to a high-yield investment or a lower-yielding one.

“By choosing a target and setting a time frame, investors are able to plan their portfolios with the information they need to be successful,” said the firm’s managing director, Peter Schmidhuber.

The tool, which will be available in the U.K. on September 23, comes after a year of research and development by the firm and is intended to make investing more accurate and efficient for investors.

This calculator is part of the company’s portfolio optimization initiative.

Vanguard is also expanding its Investment Growth Platform, which includes a new portfolio optimization tool.

With this tool, investors will be able to see how their portfolio performs over time and adjust their investment strategies accordingly, according to the company.

At this point, investors should not have to do much more than enter their current investment portfolio, and if they don’t see their portfolio growing, they can also see their investments over time by using the tool, the company said.

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