This stock could be the next Apple stock

It is hard to believe Apple is not on the list of the top 50 stocks, and yet the company has not seen a significant surge in value since late 2014, when the tech giant started seeing some momentum. 

The company’s stock is still trading at $133.86, and is currently trading at a high of $148.60.

But investors are not getting the full story, according to a recent research note by Investopedia. 

Apple’s stock was trading at an average of $120.50 at the beginning of this year, but has since dropped to $110.85.

That means the company’s value is still down by about 5.4% from the $134.75 it reached in mid-2015. 

This trend could be expected for many of the big tech companies.

For example, Microsoft (MSFT) has a market cap of $5.9 trillion, which is more than $200 billion. 

While it is not clear how Apple’s market cap will be impacted by the stock’s decline, it is highly unlikely that Apple’s stock will be able to grow substantially in the near future.

The company’s recent earnings report, however, could lead to some upside in the short-term. 

“The company has shown that it can deliver meaningful earnings growth and profit margins,” said John Levenson, head of technology research at Investopie.

“Apple has a lot of potential to grow in the long-term.” 

Apple has seen some significant growth in its share price this year.

Its stock is up more than 7% so far this year and is up over 5% in 2017, according the Investopiece data. 

In the past year, Apple has seen a spike in demand for its products in China, and this has driven the stock price higher.

However, Apple’s recent move to become a full-fledged Chinese company has also helped the company boost its share value. 

There is no doubt that Apple is a leader in technology, and it is an impressive tech company to be a part of.

But there is a big gap between its technology and its financial performance. 

Despite the company not being the leader in any of the areas listed above, the stock still has some advantages.

For one, Apple is still a company that can be profitable.

For another, the company is still able to maintain a strong focus on its core products, such as the iPhone, the iPad and the Mac, according Investopix. 

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