The world’s largest crowdfunding platform gets $6.5M investment

The world is a better place for startups to be because of crowdfunding, according to a new report from The New York Times.

The report notes that venture capitalists have poured nearly $60 billion into the sector over the past decade, and investors are increasingly seeing that as a way to accelerate growth.

And, of course, investors are getting the biggest bang for their buck.

The Times notes that the sector is booming and it’s now bigger than the US economy.

In the past year alone, venture capital investments in the sector have grown by $5.5 billion, nearly triple the $1.4 billion investment from the US Department of Agriculture in 2016.

That’s a remarkable jump.

It’s the equivalent of adding $9 billion to the economy in just one year.

“The number of VCs investing in crowdfunding has tripled in a decade, from $2.8 billion in 2015 to $7.5bn in 2016,” the Times writes.

“It has also tripled since the early 1990s, when the United States did not have a large crowdfunding market.”

The Times explains that crowdfunding has become a key driver of the growth in the US, which is why the country is now second only to China in terms of overall VC investment.

And the growth has accelerated since 2017, as crowdfunding has helped spur startups to raise $5 billion in a single year.

The NYT explains that a crowdfunding platform that’s able to get an angel investor to invest in a startup is a “game changer.”

“We are now witnessing a phenomenon that has taken on the power of a Silicon Valley miracle,” says Mark Zandi, chief operating officer at AngelList, a platform that helps founders and angel investors get started.

“In a world where the most successful startups have a billion-dollar valuation, it’s clear that investors and entrepreneurs can now find the same magic of growth through crowdfunded businesses.”

The NYT adds that a $6 million investment from Zandi’s firm, Zandi Ventures, is a huge deal for the startup, which was founded in 2007.

It has raised $2 million from investors, and it plans to raise another $3 million this year.

That figure is significantly higher than the $2,500 investment the firm made in 2015, but the firm has continued to grow.

“Our company has grown rapidly over the last year,” Zandi tells the Times.

“We’ve raised $4 million in funding and our next round is expected to be even bigger.”

The company has also recently secured an angel round from Zuck, a VC firm that helps start-ups get their product off the ground.

In fact, Zuck Ventures and Zandi have now added an additional $5 million in capital to the company’s coffers, bringing its total to $30 million.

Zandi says that the new funding is helping the company to expand quickly, which he believes is vital.

“If we can build on the traction we’ve built, and build on it into a more robust ecosystem that’s more robust for our future business and better for our investors, then we can do that faster,” Zanki tells the NYT.

The investment is an important milestone for the company, which has been growing steadily since the beginning of 2017.

Since then, the company has raised about $7 million, which Zandi attributes to its “creative, innovative, and forward-thinking” approach to funding startups.

The company also has a number of other successes, such as getting funding for its own products, and has recently partnered with two big tech companies to create an online store that’s a direct competitor to Amazon.

“As an ecosystem, we’ve got to be mindful of how quickly we can grow,” Zanski says.

“When we see a lot of the companies that have grown and grown in the past, they don’t have the resources to scale their business as fast as we need them to.”

The startup is still in the process of launching its own product, but Zankiei says that he’s looking forward to working with other companies to help them do so.