The $15M you can’t beat with a Guggenhaus investment property

Gugginhaus, the private investment fund that owns and manages properties around New York City, is offering to pay for the purchase of a building in the heart of the city’s financial district for $15 million.

The building at 20 West 21st Street would be the third in the Manhattan neighborhood and is a key part of the Gugenhaus portfolio.

The firm has also been making plans to move its headquarters to New York from Chicago, according to Bloomberg.

Guggenhaus said in a statement that it has been working with the developers of the building to “develop an agreement that is in the best interest of the property and its tenants and city leaders”.

“We look forward to working with Gugenshaus and their staff on the terms and conditions of the transaction,” the firm said.

The New York Post reported last week that the developer of the $15.5 million New York building, TKD Development, is looking to relocate its headquarters and other offices to the city.

It’s unclear what the property is worth.

The property is in Brooklyn and the city says it’s valued at $15,200,000.