Robins Hood Investing App Gets New Updates

The robin hood investment app has received an update to allow users to add a second, independent account.

The app previously did not allow users add another account, which would make it impossible to invest in a portfolio without going through the same account.

This means that users can now add an account to the app and see how their investments stack up against the others.

The new feature allows users to view their portfolio in terms of the funds invested, and it shows how much money the app has invested in each fund.

Users can then choose which fund is the most appropriate for their portfolio.

It is also possible to set a limit on how much they can invest.

Users can also set a withdrawal limit, and once the withdrawal limit has been reached, they can then use the app to withdraw funds from the account.

Users also have the option to add an additional account, a separate account for the investors and an “additional” account for their parents.

The robin Hood investment app is free for all users.