Markets rise as Trump, Cruz feud intensify

Markets have rallied for the first time since the presidential election, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting a record high as the candidates battled over their positions on trade.

But the Dow has remained flat on the news for much of the day, as the GOP candidate for president, Donald Trump, continued to battle the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton.

The Dow rose 1.8% Thursday, while the S&P 500 rose 1% and the Nasdaq rose 1%.

The S&p rose 1%, while the Nas lost 1%.

The S&P 500 is up 4.7% this year.

On Thursday, the Dow hit a record-high of 23,936.49.

It is now the fifth-highest intraday record in history.

The S &Ps is up 8% this week and up 13% in the last six weeks.

The Dow is up 9.3% this month.

The S &amps is up 16.6%.

The Dow is the best-performing index in more than 25 years, and the S &p is up more than 8% over that time.

The index has gained more than 200% since the recession.

The Nas is up 1.6% Thursday.

The Nas is down 1.1%.

The Nas was the only index to surpass the 21,000 mark, but the S and P are both down.

The index has been up more often than not this year, but there has been little movement in the index over the past two weeks.

The average gain for the S is up 5.7%, while for the Nas it is up 3.3%.

The markets are up for the second straight week.