How a $1.5bn investment in a new generation of cryptocurrency could change the world

A few years ago, one of my favourite bands, Black Rock, started using blockchain technology to finance their music and music videos.

A few weeks later, a young entrepreneur named Alex McArthur joined the project, and the two soon realised that this was a huge opportunity.

So in 2018, McArthur set up Genesis Investment, which invested in blockchain startups and digital assets that can make life easier for investors.

The company’s business is so successful that the company has just opened a second fund with the same name.

The second Genesis fund is called Black Rock Global Fund, and its value now stands at $1bn.

The two companies are very different.

The first one invested in the likes of bitcoin, ether and litecoin, while the second has a completely different focus.

Black Rock has invested in more than 30 cryptocurrencies, and Genesis has invested primarily in crypto assets that are less mainstream.

Blackrock has invested heavily in altcoins, including ether, litecoins and london tokens.

Genesis is focused on investing in more established cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, and in tokenisation (the process of building a new token to represent the value of a token) as well as in new ideas.

It’s also building a smart contract platform to help finance ICOs, which will make it easier for developers to get money out of ICOs and other ICOs.

I spoke to Alex McArthurs co-founder, John, to find out more.

What does Genesis invest in?

Genesis is investing in digital assets and digital currencies.

Genesis Global Fund invests in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ltc, ether, and zcash, as well the Ethereum blockchain, which it co-founded.

Genesis also invests in tokens such as dapper, masternodes and a token called BTS, which are currently the most popular token for ICOs on the Ethereum platform.

BlackRock has invested into altcoins such as ether, dapper and masternode, and ICOs such as bitcoin.

Genesis invests in new tokens such a dapper token, a masternote token and a new blockchain, called Bts, which is used to fund ICOs like the DAO.

What are the main goals of the new fund?

Genesis invests a lot in cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin.

It invests in altcoin, ethers, lites and blockchain technology.

Genesis funds ICOs that are being conducted on a new platform called BtB.

Genesis will also help build a smart contracts platform to finance ICO’s.

What is the BTS token?

Bts is a smart token.

BTS tokens can be used to finance an ICO or a smart business.

ICOs are now worth more than $1 trillion, and BTS will be the token of the tokenisation revolution.

How will the new Genesis fund work?

The funds are split between Genesis Global and Genesis Global Investments, which also invests a small percentage of the total value.

The Genesis Global fund will invest in cryptocurrency like bitcoin and ether, as we have seen, and invest in the Ethereum network.

Genesis Investment also invests into digital assets, such as lite coins and ether.

It also invests heavily in smart contracts, which make it possible for developers and entrepreneurs to create decentralized applications and tokens that can have real value.

Genesis invested in a token that represented the value and value of BTS and its underlying blockchain, the DAOP.

Genesis has now invested $1 billion in Ethereum.

Why do I need to invest in a crypto fund?

It’s important to know what crypto is, because this is a new way of making money.

Blockchain technology is very different from traditional banking.

This is a completely new way to make money.

It was an exciting moment for Genesis because it had the potential to help us build the next generation of cryptoassets.

Genesis investors are also investing in the tokens that will underpin the future of blockchain, such a token known as dapp.

Genesis tokens can represent the tokens of a company, a business or even a token of a government.

We’re very excited about the potential of blockchain technology, which allows for the creation of completely new types of value.

How can I find out if I’m a good investor?

If you’re interested in investing in a cryptocurrency or blockchain company, Genesis Investment can help you find the best fund for you.

Genesis offers an online search and a call centre for people who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.