A $20 Billion Firms That Will Go Public in 2018

Firms with less than $20 billion in annual revenue are expected to go public in 2018.

The SEC released the new filings today, and they include many new names, some of which are familiar.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the big ones. 

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are reporting that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) will be the first stock exchange to go live this year.

The Wall Street Bulletin reports that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are expected in 2018, and that Goldman is reportedly preparing to launch its own ETF. 

We already knew that a number of major Wall Street firms were expected to launch ETFs in 2018 (like Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo and UBS), but the latest filings are the first concrete details of what the public could expect. 

On a related note, The New Yorker’s Adam Davidson has published a lengthy profile of the hedge fund firm BNP Paribas, and its founder, Joseph “Joe” Truby. 

(Joe Trubyn is now co-founder of BlackRock.) 

BNP Parabas’s founder, Joe Trubys wife, is the daughter of Billionaire Peter Trubyan, who is the founder and CEO of Vanderbilt University, which has become a darling of hedge funders and has raised $8.7 billion in funding from private equity firms. 

BNS Parabys chief operating officer, Brent Stokes, is a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and, like the CEO of BNP, is also the son of Peter Trubs son, Peter Trubyan. 

Peter Trubya is also the president and chief executive officer of Syracuse University, the largest private university in the country. 

Sr. Peter Trubby, the son, and brother of Peter Tuby, was elected president of Cameron Sweeney and Company, a hedge fund founded by former hedge fund executive John Cameron. 

CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTE Cambria Investments has said it will go public this year, but is the first hedge fund to do so on the stock market.

The company’s CEO, David Cambria, is a partner at the Battelle Group, the same firm that also owns a number of other Wall Street companies, including BlackRock, Morgan Stanley and UBS. 

This is a pretty significant news for the Warren Buffett Foundation, which is a major donor to the Wall Street Journal. 

Another hedge fund that could go public is Bancor, which was purchased by Borussia Menger AG last year for $3.2 billion. 

Last year, the Wall St Journal reported that BORUSSIA MENGER was considering selling BANCOR to the investment banking firm Vanguard Group for over $30 billion.

(Vanguard has been actively buying companies, particularly in the financial services industry, and the Wall Street Journal article raised serious questions about Viking Minder’s ability to continue investing in companies like BTS.) 

VANZANT GROUP In 2018, Vans Merrill Lynch announced that it was launching its own hedge fund. 

That venture capital firm has recently acquired S&P Global Advisors, a major hedge fund manager. 

VANS MONEY MARKET Markets Insider reported that BNP and VANCOUVER BCG are expected to launch their own ETFs next year. 

As we’ve mentioned, Bancor is a big funder of the New York Bonds Exchange, and it also has an investment vehicle in the NYSE, called Bancorp Investment. 

There’s no indication that Bancors money manager, JPMorgan Chase and Vampire Banks will go private this year either. 

Other firms that have sought to go private include Bank of America, Dow Jones, Goldman Sachs and SunTrust. 

 The WallStreet Journal is currently reporting that Koch Industries, a private equity firm, is planning to go on the IPO market this year and will raise $10 billion. 

 Other names to watch for this year include Goldmans investment firm, Kohl’s and, of course, American Express. 

American Airlines has a new name, but the company will still be named American Airlines. 

Kinder Morgan has already announced that it will start its own private equity fund this year as well. 

Chrysler has announced plans to go through a new private equity partner this year

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