Why is Israel making money from selling its land?

The Israeli Land Authority (ILA) is reportedly making more money from its land deals than any other entity in the country, with its latest acquisition of land worth an estimated $1.7 billion.According to an article published by Haaretz, the Israeli government will soon acquire more than 60 percent of the land in the Negev Desert, […]

What are you investing in?

A year ago, when we launched our investment portfolio, we asked ourselves: Are we going to invest in Tesla?A decade later, Tesla still has the best stock performance in history.Are we still going to buy Tesla?Or is it time to get the heck out of the house and go elsewhere?Our answer is no.Elon Musk is […]

Investing for Growth: What to Know

An investment banker at a major investment bank is one of the most sought-after positions.In fact, it’s considered the best job in the world.It’s also one of our most sought after, and there are many reasons for that.Here’s what you need to know to succeed at the job.Investing in Growth Investment banking is not a […]

How to start your own crypto company

When you think about it, it makes sense that crypto-investing is a way to go.A lot of people start companies in hopes of becoming an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist, and a lot of those startups end up dying after years of growth.But a new generation of crypto-startups are starting to emerge, and some of […]

This stock could be the next Apple stock

It is hard to believe Apple is not on the list of the top 50 stocks, and yet the company has not seen a significant surge in value since late 2014, when the tech giant started seeing some momentum.┬áThe company’s stock is still trading at $133.86, and is currently trading at a high of $148.60.But […]

How to Invest With Amazon Investment Basics

Investors who need to invest in fixed income or long-term debt are best advised to read on, as they are often overlooked when looking for investing opportunities.Amazon Investing Basics for Fixed Income Investors The best way to understand Amazon’s investment portfolio is to understand what is included in its various products.Most of Amazon’s products are […]

Markets rise as Trump, Cruz feud intensify

Markets have rallied for the first time since the presidential election, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting a record high as the candidates battled over their positions on trade.But the Dow has remained flat on the news for much of the day, as the GOP candidate for president, Donald Trump, continued to battle the […]